Who am I and where did I come from?


Back in the 70s, my father won my Panamanian mother’s heart with his suave Spanish skills by helping her adjust from Central America’s sweltering climate, to that of donuts and wool sweaters at Dayton University in Ohio. Once he completed his studies in international finance, together they set sail for a life over-seas.


I came into the picture when they were stationed in Miami, Florida . I have since lived in Venezuela, Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico, Hong Kong and currently reside in the United States.


I first learned about the concept of colors and the light spectrum in my pre-school choir at The Learning Tree in Caracas, Venezuela. To this day, if in doubt of what color comes before blue, I sing:


Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

Those are the colors of the RAINBOW!    


(in my head)


With a solid understanding of color, I began investigating the tools with which colors and compositions are made. Hello CRAYOLA! Hello PAINT! Hello STATIONARY! Attending Taipei American School for my elementary years, I underwent a pretty serious Hello Kitty fetish.


My next scholastic transition was to the International School of Bangkok (ISB) where I became a proud panther. For a few years I set my markers aside and picked up a t-ball bat. I also became an avid soccer player and rollerblader. I never made it to the basketball courts however I clearly remember what I would hear coming out of those gymnasiums... “When we say BANG, you say COCK! BANG- COCK! BANG-COCK!”  Oh my.


Flash forward 3 years to Mexico City in the late 90s and I’m in British uniform at Greengates School. After years of splendid Body Glove spandex shorts and florescent t-shirts in the tropics of Thailand, I found myself in what they call “Junior Five” wearing a green jumper and grey wool knee-length skirts. Talk about culture shock! But I managed to fit in pretty quickly, within a year I was playing ice hockey as the only girl in an all male (and Mexican) league. It was at Greengates where my interest in painting and filmmaking really took off. A truly inspiring set of professors (McBain, McShane) introduced me to poetry, physical theatre and the video camera.


In between Mexico and Hong Kong, we set up camp in Miami for a brief and blurry 6 months where I attended Palmer Trinity in Coral Gables. This was a difficult transition, I was clueless in American History and didn’t dig the in-class laptop requirement.


I wrapped up high school at HKIS (Hong Kong International School) where I thrived in studio arts and video production. My very first narrative piece was broadcasted on the school’s news channel. It starred Porntip (our live-in maid) and my younger brother Dave. My interest in rock climbing and travel photography were also born here.


My most recent chapter of studies took place at Emerson College in Boston where I majored in Film and minored in Photography. I also hosted a world music show on Beantown’s acclaimed 88.9 WERS (Emerson’s FM radio station) which has since introduced me into a wonderful world of live performance documentary photography and many inspiring musician friends. Thank you GYROSCOPE!


I am now living in Park Slope, Brooklyn where I spend my time freelancing and furthering my practice in photography, video and computer arts.


If you want to check out my more formal artistic endeavors, check out my resume!